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Favela Miami Fundraiser: 2nd Annual Gala


Join us for an unforgettable evening at the 2nd Annual Gala of Favela Miami Fundraiser! Get ready to make a difference while having a blast. This sit-down dinner event will take place on Tue Sep 19, 2023 at 101 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139.


Our gala is a celebration of culture, music, and community, all for a great cause. Together, we can create positive change in the lives of those in need. With your support, we aim to uplift the homeless communities in Miami Beach, empowering them with education, resources, and opportunities.


From 6:30 pm onwards, immerse yourself in a 5 course dinner filled with delicious food, and exciting surprises. Savor mouthwatering delicacies, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for making a difference. Cocktail Attire.


Don’t miss this chance to contribute to a better future for all the residents of Miami Beach. Together, we can build a stronger and more inclusive society. Mark your calendars and get ready to make an impact at the Favela Miami Fundraiser: 2nd Annual Gala. See you there!


GALA-FUNDRAISER Inaugural Gala for Favela Miami, a non-profit which the mission is to assist the homeless to transition to permanent housing. Valerie has been on this mission for years working hand in hand with the Miami Beach Police homeless outreach program that is unique to our city. In the video you hear Bo Hall who is with the MBPD and used to be homeless himself. Valerie is dedicated to helping get the homeless off the streets and into services to become self sufficient again. That is what I love about what Valerie does. She’s not just giving the homeless hygiene kits or food, she helps them find their families, get jobs and get them back into life and permanent housing. She makes a difference. The event was a huge success and wonderfully attended by the Miami Beach community who appreciate Valerie 🙏including a Proclamation given by Miami Beach Vice-Mayor Alex Fernandez recognizing Valerie’s efforts and accomplishments in the community and proclaiming Favela Miami it’s own day! 

Gala-Fundraise to Help the Homeless Off the Streets

This is my 1st Gala-Fundraise for Favela Miami Group - Lets end Homelessness! It will be fun and important to help end homelessness. Please support my cause 🥰 Come enjoy drinks & appetizers, bit on auctions items, and learn more about what I do on the streets.

Better Beach Awards 2022

How emotional to be part of this special day, with so many special people. I am still so excited, I think I need a Valium! LOL! Congrats to all nominees from all categories, specially my 2 gents, we made the perfect 3 Musketeers!!! Thank you @Mirielle for nominating me and for the wonderful speech <3 I will treasure this day forever <3

Favela Miami often hires Homeless individuals for beach cleanup and teaches them the importance of a clean environment.

3rd Homeless Health Fair by Favela Miami

This was the most successful Homeless Health Fair ever - Which adds a great deal of celebration for Favela Miami's 6th Anniversary, which is today! We had over 120 guest and 2 news crews. One Homeless was relocated back to his family in Tennessee, right in front of the cameras. It was very exiting. Every Homeless was registered and serviced by the City's Homeless Outreach Team, and had the opportunity to interact with PD Homeless Resources Unit (day & night time teams) and our Neighborhood Resources Officers. Several others went to the various shelters present, various consulted with the 2 Mental Health Agencies. Almost all of them had their vitals checked, got blood tests, treated their feet, got haircuts, library cards & studies, legal services, substance abuse assistance, clothes, and all got coffee, snacks (courtesy of Salvation Army) and a hot meal (courtesy of State Rep. candidate, Fabian Basabe). We also had several member of the community that gave the Homeless attention and conversation. It was very rewarding to both parties <3 We had a couple of special treats: the news crew from CGTN America, which is an international news network, that made a piece on the work Favela Miami does; and the BJK University founder & CEO, Bashar, and his international students, for all corners of the world, to see what we do. All this under the roof & wing of our dear Father Tim's house <3 Thank you for your hospitality (always) <3 Special thanks and blessings to all agencies present: #FloridaHealthDepartment #ComprehensiveHealthCenter #CityOfMiamiBeachHomelessOutreachTeam #MiamiBeachPD #MiamiDadeHomelessTrust #DouglasGardensMentalHealth #BerryUniversityMentalHealth #BerryUniversityPodiatric #BerryUniversityPhysiciansAssistants #BerryUniversityNursing #MiamiRescueMission #SalvationArmyShelter #LotusHouseShelter #CamillusHouseShelter #MiamiBeachLibrary #MiamiBeachHealthCenter #Village51 #Starbucks #ThrivingMind #LegalServicesOfGreaterMiami #BJKUniversity #LevyAdversing #FabianBasabe #AllSoulsEpiscopalChurch

Favela Miami's 2nd Homeless Health Fair

Another successful event by Favela Miami Group - Lets end Homelessness! at All Souls' Episcopal Church. We had about 75 Homeless individuals that attended. Some of them, with severe mental health issues asked for help ❤ this was truly amazing for it is sooooo hard to "reach" them. All the agencies involved were successful in stablish and reenforces their relationship with the community. What this means? It easier their out reach work for better results. The ultimate goal: house the Homeless and reintegrate their lives with the society. Thank you FrTim Carr for giving your house to host this. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you Starbucks for donating your delicious coffee. Thank you BO Hall for doing your time and expertise by doing outreach on your day off, and every day of your life. Thank you Alina Tejeda Hudak for your always support, Miami Beach PD for watching over us and City of Miami Beach Government for your outstanding daily work, specially The Office of Housing & Community Outreach and MBPD's Homeless Resource Unit. HUGE Thanks for EVERY single agency that came and did what you do best (all tagged here 🙏). You made a difference on people’s life. Big thanks for all the volunteers and visitors. Last but not least, thanks to all the Homeless that came. Lotus House / Barry University Podiatric, Physicians Assistant, Nursing / Comprehensive Health Center / Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. / The Salvation Army USA / Miami Beach Public Library / Humana / Miami Rescue Mission / Miami Beach Community Health Center / Camillus House / Thriving Minds / Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center / Project UP-START / Miami Dade County Homeless Trust

Favela Miami's 1st Homeless Health Fair

I cried and I wasn’t the only one. Due to this event I organized thru my non-profit: Favela Miami, about 25 Homeless individuals will be off the streets! You have to watch the videos to “hear from the horse’s mouths”: from the City of Miami Beach Homeless Outreach Team, Miami Rescue Mission, and Lotus House, where they state how many clients they got ❤ (client is a Homeless person that engage with their shelters/services). The 4th video is an electrician that unfortunately became Homeless and here he was offered a job for sure and other potential jobs. God bless him and the ones that gave him the opportunity. Thank you @frTim for giving your house to host this. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Pls thank Eddie and the gentleman that set up all the tables ❤ Thank you @jesus pozzo & @starbucks Ocean Dr. for pushing me and giving me energy to organize this. Thank you @Bo hall for doing outreach on your day off, and for bringing your wonderful son that gave his band new Jordan’s shoes to a Homeless person (like father, like son). And notice that the pic u took of me by the Church’s sign, I had the Light of God Over Me & a rainbow by my feet ❤ That was UNBELIVABLE!!! HUGE Thanks for EVERY single agency that came and did what you do best ❤ You made a difference on people’s life ❤ You can see all their names on the pictures. Thank you Srg. Berrian for watching over us ❤ Big thanks for all the volunteers and last but not least, thanks to all the Homeless that came. We had about 100, and, as mentioned, ¼ will be off the streets ❤

Coffee with the Chamber

Coffee with the Chamber at La Gorce Country Club Hosted by Norma Ross Featuring Special Guest Valerie Navarrete President/CEO Favela Miama

12 November

You are cordially invited to enjoy a cup of coffee with the homeless of our community. You can help these individuals feel more human and become prepared to get off the streets. Be part of something great and help improve life in Miami Beach for all of our residents.
If you also would like to volunteer yours or your company’s services, check the invitation link below.

*** Use this time to clean up your loset!***

Please share with your neighbors, condo association, local businesses!

Nov. 24th: Be part of something special:

Come have lunch with the homeless. Give them the pleasure of your company. Talk to them. Hear their story. Help them feel more human.

Miami Beach Community Church

1620 Drexel Av.

From 11am to 1pm

Favela Miami & Harley-Davidson are cordially inviting you to a Free BBQ! – We’ll also be raffling dinner for 2 at Fratelli La Bufala Miami Donations are welcome to support Favela Miami promote transitional jobs and portable showers for the homeless!
Come show your support for our cause and have a great time!!!