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Jerry the 'coconut guy'

During one of our videos-interview: Meet Sgt. McDonald - the Sargent introduces his friend and, for a split second, my son (the cameramen) captures Jerry.

Jerry's 3 sisters came to visit him. Now, the 'Blake kids' are reunited! My son and I met with them every day while they were here. We had a strong connection. We now consider them part of our family (and the feeling is mutual)!

Jerry’s family has been looking for him, worrying for months, afraid the worst had happened. The story: A few months back, Jerry’s sister lost communication with him and contacted the city’s homeless outreach team, seeking assistance in finding her brother. They told her to communicate with MBPD Ofc. Llamoca. They have been looking for him since.

Jerry is now out of the streets!

When Ofc. Llamoca saw the video, he recognized Jerry and sent the video to his sister in NJ. She called me and we had an amazing conversation. I went looking for him. When I found him, I dialed her # and said: “it’s for you” and gave him the phone. It was very emotional for all of us! Ofc. Llamoca came to meet him!

Jerry is a very special person with an amazing personality.