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Jerry - Uber Driver

A Homeless just called me. I never met him in person. He has a job/income as Uber driver, but not making enough for rent (after divorce and passing of his parents) he was living in his car. Long story short, his car was towed 5 days ago and now he is on the streets, hungry, wet and unable to make money. His car is on Beach Towing. Who has influence to get his car back so he is not forced into a life of panhandling or crime, in order to survive? - Thank you Beth Emerson  for referring him to me before things get worst!
2 hours later I receive a call: Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman and Commissioner Michael Grieco contacted Beach Towing. Their lawyer just contacted me (from his vacation in Aruba) to say Jerry's car was returned to him at no cost!!!! Thank you Commissioners and South Beach Towing !