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Our Mission

Our mission at Favela Miami is to assist the Homeless to transition out of homelessness by covering their basic needs and giving them a reason to look forward to achieving the ultimate goal:

Permanent housing

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Learn how to be able to really help an Homeless individual. These videos will better prepare you to be able make a difference in the lives of many people, your community included.

On a single night in January 2017, there were 553,742 people experiencing homelessness in the United States.

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In Miami, 38% of unsheltered persons and 43% of sheltered persons have a disability, including a mental health, substance abuse and/or physical disability

Beach cleanups, food drives, and more.

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It's not that simple...

Meaning of the word Favela:

The word favela is usually misunderstood, just like the Homeless.

Favela is the name of a Brazilian plant that is a survivor — strong, adaptable, resistant, yet the flower is delicate; that is how I see the Homeless.

Every part of the favela plant is useful and nourishing, just like the involvement of the community in this important project.

The Favela plant’s resilience is an inspiration and reminder of perseverance to all.

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Favela is a durable Brazilian plant that can survive in any weather and circumstances. Favela was grown by newly freed slaves and represents rebirth, reflecting the tenacity of the Homeless.


The Favela plant is very nutritious. Produces flour, fuel, edible oil, rich in protein and mineral salt. The plant has a beautiful long green leaves with delicate and fragile flower protected by thorns. It grows up to 28 ft.



* The plant survives and adapts any condition, just like the Homeless.

* Favela is a misunderstood word, just like the Homeless.

* Every part of the plant is useful and essential for their survival, just like the community working together.