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There are several ways you can help us:
"Thinking Global, Acting Local"

A) Project House a Homeless (for business): Donate an unoccupied room to house 1 or 2 Homeless interested in learning and working in the Hospitality Industry. The Hotel Gaythering is currently donating one of their rooms with 2 beds for 2 LGBT Homeless who would like to learn and work in the hospitality industry. If your hotel would like to participate, please contact us for more information. Note: We also need donations of travel size toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrushes & paste, floss, combs, deodorant, sunscreen, etc.).

Please donate to help them maintain this program and to coax other Hotels to do the same!

B) Project Sponsor a Homeless (for business): if you own or manage a company, hotel or restaurant, can you give the Homeless an opportunity to intern in order to explore various job possibilities? This can help build their resume, as well as their confidence to find a job and rebuild their lives. Thank you Gol Italian Restaurant for participating on this revolutionary program! Thank you Edible Arrangements Miami Beach for hiring a few homeless to help on the store during the different holidays! *NOTE: All workers will be presentable for employment and will sign a Release of Liability.

C) Project Stop Wasting Food: Restaurants, Bakeries, Markets, and other Food Purveyors: Donate leftovers to a church near you or contact us and we’ll connect you. The churches and feeding places will gladly sign a non-liability release. You are also protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.Edible Arrangements Miami Beach will be donating their left over fruits daily. The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce donates leftovers from meetings.

D) Project Pay it Forward: Restaurants, Bakeries, Markets, and other Food Purveyors: Give your patrons the opportunity to purchase a meal for a homeless person. The restaurant delivers it directly to the Homeless on a to-go container (we’ll assist you). We’ll provide the donation card. Thank you Gol Italian Restaurant for your participation in this project!

E) Project Befriend a Homeless (for individuals): Volunteer (with a group of friends or neighbors) to be a friend to 1 homeless person by talking and listening and helping him/her in ways that they find acceptable. The goal is to make them feel worthy of getting help to get out of the streets. Training provided. Community working together to end Homelessness!!!

F) Help Curb Alcohol Abuse: Ask your local liquor stores or any place that sells alcohol not to sell to a Homeless individual if he/she already had to much. This will help the Homeless to drink less and perhaps go to rehabs offered by the county. If the store refuses, let them know you and your neighbors will take your business elsewhere. Make your neighbors aware of it and spread the word about stores that comply with this suggestion. Walgreens has voluntarily agreed to this. Kudos to Walgreens!!! Any liquor store that wishes to participate in this program, will be publicly recognized!

G) Volunteer your Services (Businesses and Individuals): Do you have a skill to lend a hand? Help write a resume, provide haircuts, offer legal services, identify and write grants, offer medical services, etc.; please let us know what you can do. Many blessings to Dr. Jinelle Andujar from SoBe Smiles for donating her time and materials to treat the Homeless on her days off. Kudos to Santuario Di Bellezza Salon for donating shavings & haircuts to the homeless person about to go on a job interview. Kudos to Micah Joy she gives free Yoga to the Homeless in South Beach. She comes all the way from Boca Raton.

H) Help us pass informational flyers to the homeless when needed (in case of a hurricane or special event).

I) When cleaning up your closet, donate those unwanted but still in good condition clothes, shoes, socks, suitcases, etc., to a church or shelter. We may be able to pick it up from you and donate in your behalf. Make sure all clothes & shoes are clean.

J) Make a “Blessing Bag” and give it to the homeless rather than giving them money (that they will likely spend in alcohol and drugs). If you want to give money, donate to Favela Miami or a local shelter, soup kitchen, or other organization that helps the Homeless. – Blessing Bag printable checklistLocal Resources printable list

K) Like us on Facebook and always share our site and posts, to create awareness about what it means to be homeless and how others can help too.

Please click here to contact us and let us know how you can help!

Thank you!